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As the building and home improvement industry’s audiences continue to prioritize online channels, it’s crucial to understand their motivations and behaviors to maximize opportunities for your business. Builders, contractors, architects, and designers alike each have distinct needs and touch points to target, as well as the knowledge-seeking homeowner looking to connect with manufacturers directly.

To engage our clients’ target audiences, Hanson provides unparalleled partnership in the building and home improvement space. From breaking the ice nearly 30 years ago with Owens Corning, to breaking new boundaries for our clients today, we draw from deep industry insights and market research to create remarkable experiences for you (like the customized AR app we developed for VELUX®).

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We take a multifaceted approach to problem solving. Not only do we have the creative chops to bring tactics to life, our process is backed by the strategy, technology, and in-depth market research to properly activate your vision. Our capabilities ensure we can help deliver the best experiences for each of your audiences (homeowners, distributors, trade professionals, and more) with all of the support you need.


  • Brand strategy & research
  • Marketing campaign development
  • Web, mobile & custom digital product development
  • Creative services & video production

Your audiences.
Our specialty.

We’re not intimidated by channel complexities or challenges reaching elusive audiences. We have the keen ability to translate B2B and B2C outreach into B2P—business to person. Because ultimately, taking a consumer-first approach prioritizes your brand’s human element and helps messages resonate more with users at every level.

Our insights.

With new knowledge comes new opportunities. We’re constantly translating fresh insights into impact for our clients in the building and home improvement space.

76% of people said they started a home improvement project during the pandemic. –

What Hanson hears

As our day-to-day increasingly combines work and personal life, our homes must adapt to the new normal.

Home renovation spend has grown 15% in the last year. Higher-budget projects saw an increase in 2020. –Houzz and Home Study

What Hanson hears

A renewed focus on our home lives has been a catalyst for enhancing interior design and upgrading to smarter solutions.

What excites us about the building and home improvement industry?
“For me, it’s the constant problem solving. A set of complex products, selling to complex channels, creates opportunities to solve a lot of problems. These companies don’t always realize that what they’re going through is digital transformation. ”
— Mindy Withrow | Managing Director, Strategic Planning
What excites us about the building and home improvement industry?
“The channel complication is what makes this industry exciting to me. If we were marketing simple things, it would be boring. We’re often taking stodgy old brands and bringing new life to them. I like when I’ve done the research into something as if I’m the customer and then six months later I can use that knowledge in a project for my home. ”
— Joe Holub | Director, Experience Delivery
What excites us about the building and home improvement industry?
“A lot of times these products aren’t usable by themselves—they might be part of a whole system, so we get the chance to participate in a lot of configurators and visualizers in order to build things that are more interesting than a standard product catalog or marketing site. ”
— Dave Rodriguez | Managing Director, Design & Development
What excites us about the building and home improvement industry?
“In the tech industry, the evolving nature of it is a very exciting thing, and I like to think that we do that in the building space. We take an existing brand and/or product and help them deliver it to a whole new audience in a whole new way. We’re setting the building product companies up for the future. ”
— Chas Ryder | Managing Director, Creative Services

Your building or home improvement business is in good company.

We’ve worked with some of the industry’s leading names on everything from sweeping web redesigns to focused campaigns and product launches.

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