Not your same old building products revolution

Huber Engineered Woods wanted to make an unforgettable entrance for a new, game-changing category of building materials—magnesium oxide (MgO) panels. To introduce their new product EXACOR to the market, we first engineered a solid brand identity reinforced by research and brought to life by a product launch with dynamic strategies. EXACOR was taking on a process of wet-laid gypsum that has been around for 30+ years. This wasn’t just a new product, it was the new, better way to do things. One that streamlines efficiency across builds without sacrificing sound quality or performance.

EXACOR Product Launch

The blueprint for a memorable product launch

01 new brand

09 targeted touchpoints

We began by building EXACOR’s brand around a mantra of protecting others, a value that emerged during our extensive audience research. Then, we showcased the product’s major differentiators to excite key audiences and motivate them to action. EXACOR panels are fire resistant1, control sound, and can be installed by conventional framing crews, offering speedier, simplified subflooring and underlayment solutions for architects and builders.

Data and strategy in hand, we honed in on a visual approach that delivered on EXACOR’s brand promise to be a powerful sentinel—for hardworking build teams and the residents who place their trust in them.

1. EXACOR panels may be used in specific published fire-resistant-rated assemblies as tested in accordance with ASTM E119 / ANSI UL 263. Follow published fire-resistance rated assembly requirements and consult local building codes and designer of record for fire-resistant design requirements.

To energize EXACOR’s launch, we created impactful, impossible-to-ignore visuals and content to engage audiences at every key touchpoint.

Activating the EXACOR brand story for architects

With the EXACOR brand solidly formed, we focused our attention on making its launch a success. Pulling from our deep audience insights, we recognized that architects’ discerning natures demand proof. So we worked with Huber to promote a product launch that also served as a virtual Continued Education Unit (CEU), targeting the architect audience with key messages across the core channels where we knew they were active. Our media plan raised product awareness while it drove event registration, getting these decision makers buzzing.


#1 highest attended Huber
CEU event ever

representing 291 architects, building owners, and general contractors in the multifamily, light, and commercial space.

“Just giving a big shout out to the Hanson team. What a phenomenal job you did hitting the ground running with the promotional campaign for the EXACOR Zoom webinar.”

— Tracy Collins, Marketing Operations Manager
Huber Engineered Woods

Key Takeaways

Don’t assume you know your audience.

We didn’t just make up the EXACOR brand. We got into the audience’s headspace. We learned their stories. We understood their motivations. And they told us what they needed. That kind of insight is a catalyst for informing marketing and messaging strategy.

Progress takes planning.

Poking an industry bear and challenging the status quo? Count us in! We create solid strategies to tame the marketing bear and help advance industries. We reach beyond yesterday’s tools to position the future of building products.

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