Raising the roof with a custom AR mobile app

The global skylight leader, the VELUX Group, wanted to enhance their customer experience. Their previous mobile app required too much imagination from users to see the full picture. So they partnered with Hanson to create a solution that reflected the true excitement and inspiration their products offered. Our solution? A custom VELUX® AR (augmented reality) app that lets homeowners visualize a skylight in any room.

More wonder.
Greater conversation.

 If a solution doesn’t exist, Hanson builds it. That was the case for the VELUX Group. We created a custom AR experience from scratch, complete with simulated natural light, social sharing, and easy access to find a nearby installer. For homeowners, seeing is believing, so we helped them visualize the beauty VELUX skylights brings to their home.

VELUX Skylights AR

From concept to completion

While turnkey AR solutions were available, their stock interactivity fell flat. To add more dimension and make VELUX skylights come alive with realistic visuals, the Hanson team developed a custom proof of concept and vetted the technology against the challenge.

For users, the app is like test-driving an entire skylight showroom virtually to find the right option for any room. In the wake of Covid-19, this ability offered an engaging way for homeowners to safely and conveniently invite VELUX skylights into their homes, get inspired, and take action to make it a reality.


A successfully relaunched mobile app with custom, fully visual AR technology to visualize VELUX skylights in a whole new light.

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