Letting your brand shine through

When you meet the folks at Pfister, you notice just how down-to-earth they are. Relatable. Scrappy. Passionate about doing the right thing. They may not be the biggest faucet company, but they put their hearts and souls into being the best faucet company. Problem was, none of those qualities came through in their marketing materials. So we stripped away all the layers of manufacture-speak to reveal the upbeat, quirky personality that had been there all along.

How do you refresh a really great brand?

You get real.

When “Design Made Right” is your real-life commitment, you gotta bring it to all your consumer touchpoints. So once we landed on the updated brand, we collaborated with the Pfister team on a complete website redesign and build, a series of product videos, new product packaging, and an in-aisle end cap experience. All to make sure that people shopping for Pfister faucets get a glimpse of the real Pfister people behind the faucets. Now that just feels right.

“The Hanson and Pfister teams put a great deal of collaboration, creativity, and effort into this project, and I was repeatedly impressed by the two groups’ ability to work together. This site reflects our vision extremely well, and we are truly proud of it!”

— Matt Zimmer, VP of Marketing, Pfister Faucets

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