Remarkable work. A passionate team. And a few adorable dogs.

To understand Hanson today, it helps to read our origin story.

We have an eye for bold ideas.

It’s 1972. Bell-bottoms are in style. Flower power is on the cusp of disco. The Brady Bunch is new TV. Nixon is in the White House, and so is photography intern Steve Hanson.

It was one of the first times Hanson’s founder would find himself at the crossroads of history and possibilities. But reflecting on the journey, it’s clear Steve was made for the adventure. This was just one of many defining moments where his bold ideas would begin to come into focus.

Fast forward almost 20 years to 1991. Steve’s vision as a photojournalist and filmmaker has taken him from acclaim documenting Air Force One to a life of travel, circling the globe for clients. 

Steve’s penchant for big thinking found a perfect match in Jenny Jacob’s talent for big action. Together as business partners, they teamed up with a group of gaming developers to pioneer Hanson’s first digital project.

And the rest—as they say—is hysteria.

We’re proud of the amazing work we create for revolutionary brands around the world. We’re animated when we talk about the major motion picture project Steve and Jenny produced with some of Hollywood’s biggest names (just ask them about the time Salma Hayak conferenced George Lucas into the call).

Today, Hanson is a team of 50+ account managers, developers, designers, engineers, and strategists hell-bent on producing work that is transformative, impactful, and utterly enjoyable. The energy is palpable. Hanson works because every member of the team is passionate about exploring the boundaries of creative and technology. We believe the best solutions result from a process of discovery, strategy, and unbridled enthusiasm.

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Our Values



Gamers and gardeners, musicians and chefs—we’re individuals first, and some of us are very individual. Which is just the way we like it. Because every unique voice enlarges our perspective. And when our passions inform our work, our work stands out.

own the


We don’t sit on our hands and wait for someone to tell us we’re on the right track. We have the motivation to lead, the courage to risk, the humility to learn from mistakes, and a commitment to do the right thing.



We don’t just solve business problems; we create emotional experiences. So we’re not satisfied with a project launch until we get the “You guys, this is awesome!” text from our client. Hours of personal investment go into every moment of surprise and delight, but those are the moments we live for—and the moments that turn client partners into life-long fans.



Agency life is real life: communicating, celebrating, sharing, serving, just like we do at home. We entertain coworkers’ kids (and dogs) in our cubes, host community events in the office, and choreograph client fundraisers after hours. By expecting ourselves to grow and give back, we bring out the best in our colleagues, our clients, and our community.



How does it work? How can we break it? What would make it better? Who else could really use this? Our creative experimentation leads to continuous improvement, driving forward our team—and our industry—one question at a time.

Get to
know us.

We’re more than left-brained or right-brained—we’re wholehearted. It’s how we can get to the core of our clients’ brands to brainstorm solutions that resonate and excite. Not everyone can do what we do. We own the uncommon and thrive in the unexpected.

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