In-store guidance even when you’re shopping at home

When you’ve been the specialty flooring retailer in Columbus, Ohio for 85 years, you’ve earned your reputation for expertise. You’ve also seen the rise of a lot of competitors, like discount warehouses and big box stores. To stay on top, you have to deliver exactly what your customers want—which in this case is freedom to shop their way, and access to advice when needed. So we developed a retail-based digital experience that supports in-store, in-home, and online shopping preferences.

Friendly expertise—where and when you’re ready for it.

55% think big box staff aren’t knowledgeable

61% say in-home shopping makes it easier to pick colors

Homeowners we surveyed said the only thing they hate more than wandering an empty aisle looking for a sales assistant is a high-pressure sales pitch. But expert advice is a necessity, because buying a new floor isn’t something you do every day. You need help deciding which flooring type is right for you. (Pets? Kids? High-moisture areas?) You need help selecting a color. (Easier if you can look at samples right in the room you’re remodeling.) And you need help prepping for installation. (Turns out it matters what temperature your home is on installation day.) A friendly site full of helpful tips, beautiful products, and online appointment scheduling is just the thing to get you the right floor, fast.

“We love the fresh and friendly look of our site. The illustrations you created are so fun! And we’re really excited about launching e-commerce.”

— Debi Carpenter, Vice President of Marketing for RiteRug Flooring

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