Creating a content engine for a culture of innovators

Safer skyscrapers. Stronger bridges. Life-sustaining oxygen tanks for first responders.

For more than six decades, Worthington Industries has been making life better through the power of steel. More recently, they’ve expanded their expertise to include more efficient vehicles, market-leading consumer products, and advanced building products solutions.

As a global manufacturing leader with a broader portfolio, Worthington needed a website experience that represented not just their advanced capabilities, but also their renowned culture as “makers of better.”

The making of a better website for the “Makers of Better”

At the heart of Worthington Industries’ wide-reaching impact is their people, whose passion and dedication for continual improvement led them to embrace a culture they call Makers of Better. To showcase their impressive work across several distinct business segments, Hanson reimagined the Worthington Industries website from the ground up.

A new site structure serves the unique content and conversion needs of each business segment. It also delivers a more unified user experience, including an updated site search that retrieves results across the business segments. A bold, polished design reflects their leadership position and provides a confident platform for delivering stories of innovation and community engagement.

The ability to create and maintain those dynamic stories without a developer is what led to this tech stack. Powered by Sitefinity, the site uses a custom design system that allows the team to quickly create rich, flexible content of all types across the business segments.

Hanson partnered with the subject matter experts at Worthington Industries to position, write, and art direct all the initial content. This approach shortened the content production timeline and gave the Worthington Industries team hands-on experience using their new system before go-live.

Bold, confident visuals and an intuitive architecture empower the Makers of Better to tell their story.

Supporting the site launch

With the code tested and content deployed, it was time to unveil the new to the world. Hanson created a suite of attention-grabbing materials to support the team in announcing and celebrating the new digital home.

Addressing key internal and external audiences, we crafted a mix of static and animated messages supporting the launch announcement across four social media platforms and other communications channels.


The new makes it easy for customers, suppliers, job seekers, and investors to quickly find the information they need. It’s just as easy for internal communicators to craft and publish that information, too, helping to ensure updated content and a more helpful experience for all. And in keeping with a culture that motivates and rewards employees, the website strongly conveys the impact each employee has as Makers of Better.

“The Hanson team partnered with us throughout each phase of our website redesign, from discovery to implementation. The end result was a new digital home that better reflects our brand, the solutions we make and Worthington Industries’ overall impact in the world. In the quarter since the site launched, we’ve already seen a nice bump in organic traffic, an improved bounce rate and an uptick in sessions.”

— Brittany Smith, Sr. Manager, Corporate Communications

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