Empowering women to run their own successful businesses

When Thirty-One Gifts began in 2003, the goal was simple. To give women the opportunity to start their own successful business. And that goal remains the “why” for Thirty-One, which today is one of the highest-grossing direct sales companies in the U.S. Supporting their field of consultants and their customers is challenging enough. But add in the strain that a decade of exponential growth can put on a start-up’s technology patchwork, and it was time for Thirty-One to apply some TLC to their digital strategy.

Transforming the experience, one touchpoint at a time

900k facebook followers

3m emails to customers
 each week

1700 active users on the consultant site at any given moment

The Thirty-One team was crushing it in volume. But managing so many messaging streams on so many platforms—many of them outdated—was crushing them. So we defined a roadmap designed to equip their external audiences and the internal teams who serve them.

At the heart of the transformation was a new consultant extranet, built on Episerver for its localization and personalization capabilities. Custom dashboards gave consultants a better handle on their daily business activities, helping them better support customers in turn. And once the consultant’s primary tool was sorted out, we helped the team tackle other critical components including social strategy, email campaigns, video production, advertising, and updates to the consumer website.

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