Giving 300 chiropractic franchises a healthy adjustment

HealthSource Chiropractic had a goal of delivering a consistent, patient-centered experience. But they were feeling the pain of 300 franchises operating more like independent clinics. Hanson’s treatment plan? A one-time brand alignment, with regular marketing strategy check-ins to maintain long-term health.

The backbone of a strong rebrand

03 patient surveys to inform strategic direction

01 new visual identity

300 websites rebuilt in 1 platform

Taking a holistic approach to refreshing HealthSource’s brand started with focused surveys to get to the heart of patient needs. Then we put on our strategic planning hats to form a refreshed identity strong enough to raise national visibility, but nimble enough to adapt to each location’s specific needs.

We bridged all 300 franchises into a unified experience, enabling patients to find their closest location. Each clinic could now feature their local expertise and connect more deeply with the communities they serve. The result? A cohesive, national brand with a personal, neighborly feel.