A moment one sales force won't soon forget

How do you motivate pharmaceutical sales reps to think beyond their sales quotas and grapple with the real human benefits of what they do every day? You invite them to an immersive experience that brings them to face-to-face with the people whose lives will be forever changed by the drugs they sell.

Zejula Launch

Creating moments that matter

300 conference attendees

2k pieces of handcrafted memorabilia

425 names of loved ones lost to cancer sent into space

01 superstar cancer survivor with a story that moved an auditorium to tears

In the middle of a five-day sales conference filled with marketing, training, and data sessions, attendees returned to their hotel rooms to find mysterious hand-crafted packages inviting them to “be here” at a certain time and place. Upon arrival, they experienced a live theater event portraying stories of daughters who lost their mothers to cancer, and a surprise address by three-time cancer survivor Annie Parker, who inspired the film Decoding Annie Parker. The event was capped by a live-camera balloon launch to commemorate audience members’ loved ones lost to cancer.

“We had some friends tell us how they went straight back to their rooms to call their mothers and their kids to tell them they loved them. The team was left both emotional but also so recommitted to their mission to help women like our mothers—and we could not have asked for anything more.”

“I don’t know if you realize how you have impacted not only my life, but that of the audience who witnessed pure magic earlier this week. TESARO will remember this for a very long time.”

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