Renovating the rapid remodeler’s mindset

Six3Tile knew their rapid tiling product had the potential to be a game changer for multifamily renovation. Remodelers that tried it loved it. But getting them to try something new was tricky. So the challenge for the Hanson team was to define the messages that would convince remodelers to give it a try.

Focusing on the Right Features and Benefits

How do you know what message will break through the old “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality? You ask your customers what it would take to convince them. Hanson partnered with Six3Tile on a study designed to identify the most compelling benefits, pricing, and messaging for an audience that defaults to old-school ceramic tile. 

For example, did rapid remodelers care that the product was patented? Nope. But ease and speed (and the resulting labor savings) got their attention. “You’re telling me I’ve been breaking my back for something I could have done in an hour?” one remodeler said. 

But there are a lot of ways to tell the ease and speed story. By putting a range of potential messages in front of the study audience, we learned that presenting the product as pre-cut sheets that come in a kit had a lot of appeal for folks in a hurry. 

With those results in hand, we crafted product positioning, a tagline, and other messaging elements. Then we created a Look Book and a Sample Kit to support the sales team in getting those messages into the hard-working hands of renovators.

“Great work! I can’t wait for further engagements to help our team build this brand.”

— Tracy Collins, Director of Marketing, Six3Tile

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