Building brands one bottle at a time

Chances are, you would recognize a Starbucks cold brew bottle or a Beech-Nut baby food jar without the label, based solely on the color, shape, and heft of the glass. Which is why Owens-Illinois, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of glass containers, sees themselves as a brand-building partner to their clients. To tell that story in a more moving way, they partnered with another brand builder (ahem!) to design a site worthy of the iconic brands we’ve all experienced through the unique power of glass.

Tech Partners

Optimizely, Google


UI/UX, Branding, Design, Information Architecture, Front-End, Back-End, WordPress, Google Ad Network

Elemental transformation.

Fire turns just three natural ingredients—sand, limestone, and soda ash—into beautiful, sustainable glass. To transform their corporate site, O-I asked Hanson to apply heat to three primary priorities—inspire, simplify, and connect—to forge a bold, statement-making platform.

“Metrics show visitors are staying on the site longer and engaging with our content more than ever before. But more importantly, those visitors are experiencing a bigger, bolder vision of how we’re partnering with our clients and leading the industry.”

— Kevin Bentley, Director of IT Service Delivery – Emerging & Collaboration Technologies

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