Building brands one bottle at a time

Chances are, you would recognize a Starbucks cold brew bottle or a Beech-Nut baby food jar without the label, based solely on the color, shape, and heft of the glass. Which is why Owens-Illinois, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of glass containers, sees themselves as a brand-building partner to their clients. To tell that story in a more moving way, they partnered with another brand builder (ahem!) to design a site worthy of the iconic brands we’ve all experienced through the unique power of glass.

Elemental transformation.

Fire turns just three natural ingredients—sand, limestone, and soda ash—into beautiful, sustainable glass. To transform their corporate site, O-I asked Hanson to apply heat to three primary priorities—inspire, simplify, and connect—to forge a bold, statement-making platform.

“Metrics show visitors are staying on the site longer and engaging with our content more than ever before. But more importantly, those visitors are experiencing a bigger, bolder vision of how we’re partnering with our clients and leading the industry.”

— Kevin Bentley, Director of IT Service Delivery – Emerging & Collaboration Technologies

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