Getting the in-crowd on your in-tranet

It takes thousands of employees to make Darden a global leader in hospitality. They’re chefs, servers, corporate communicators. Part-timers, weekenders, career lifers. Gen Xers, Gen Yers, and a whole lotta Millennials. When the only thing that bridges geography, language, and role is your employee intranet, it’s gotta deliver.

Standing out in the KrowD

180k personalities

1.7k locations

08 restaurant brands

01 employee culture

Our challenge: develop a strategic roadmap, branding, and creative concepts for an updated intranet that brings everyone together “as one company.” We turned work at Darden inside out—literally—to create krowD. What’s it like to be part of the krowD? You can swap shifts on your phone. Participate in company-wide polls. Congratulate colleagues on promotions. Finish training modules from the sofa. So whether you’re slogging through a tough double, or moving into a new office at the headquarters, krowD stands out as a better way to work—together.

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