Making great content easier to create

Contentful is fond of saying “content is everything.” And they don’t just mean content is important. They mean that every piece of information on the site, from page copy to product information, is content. It’s all part of the conversation, so it all matters. We’ve been partnering with Contentful for several years now to deliver flexible content solutions to our clients. The platform makes content management easy, while supporting synchronized content display across languages and platforms. Our clients like how it does their brands and products justice, and engages their customers.


If you’re considering Contentful, you want a team like Hanson with experience in:

  • Content management system (CMS) setup / custom content type definition
  • Design systems 
  • Content planning, modeling, and hierarchy
  • Custom frontends with Next.js and similar front-end frameworks
  • CMS integration into previously-static sites
  • Third-party data / PIM integration
  • Product catalogs / product browsing / product detail
  • Faceted / federated search, using Algolia and similar search-as-a-service providers
  • Location-aware content
  • Serverless infrastructure, deployments and workflow, using platforms like Netlify and Google Cloud Services

Our Work.


Integrating data sources for a seamless UX

We harnessed Contentful to create a beautiful, intuitive experience for this millwork and moulding leader. The project included PIM and DAM system integration for a seamless B2B eCommerce and marketplace sales experience. We also implemented geolocation and faceted filtering, enabling visitors to browse Metrie’s catalog by region and by various product attributes.



Super-sizing a site for Scotts’ big game ad

When you run a Super Bowl ad, you have to be able to support hundreds of thousands of simultaneous visits to your site immediately after it airs. Scotts knew that—so to support their 2021 ad, we worked with their team to provision, test, and launch a scalable, statically-generated microsite backed by Contentful. The site included a form for visitors to sign up for the Scotts promotion. The project included CMS design, integration with third party services, API consulting and support, and load testing.


Delivering excellent CX behind the login

Customer portals don’t always get the same love as public-facing sites. But Associated Materials was committed to delivering regular updates to customers, and that required upgrading their static portal to a CMS. We used Contentful and its APIs to enable CMS capabilities across a wide range of Associated Materials sites, empowering their teams to keep delivering high touch service. Another bonus was the user-friendly Contentful admin that made it easy for us to onboard our client to their new system.

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