Top 10 Reasons Hanson’s a Top Workplace in Toledo

What makes Hanson such a great place to work? We count (at least) 10 reasons:

   10.   De-stress with twice-monthly chair massages

    9.    Great view of the trees!

    8.   Opportunity to show off “Mad Cornhole Skillz”

Hanson's annual cornhole tournament

    7.   Community-oriented projects like You Are Here Toledo and YuleTithe let you give back – creatively

    6.   Kitchen shopping list: Starbucks, Red Bull, more Starbucks, more Red Bull…

    5.    Workspace features original graffiti by Detroit artist Shades

Hanson workspace features graffiti by Detroit artist Shades

    4.    It’s a place where your co-workers feel like family (and sometimes are)

    3.    Continue collaborating with your team, even while on vacation! (what do you mean, you accidentally dropped your phone in the pool?)

    2.    Every day is “Bring Your Dog to Work Day”

Every day is bring your dog to work day

And the #1 reason Hanson is a great place to work…

    1.    Because The Blade says so!

We’re thrilled to have been named a 2013 Top Workplace by the Toledo Blade. Thanks, Hansonites, for the loyalty, creativity, and passion that makes this such a great place to work!

  • BorisValusek

    Great stuff!

    • Hanson Inc.

      Thanks for reading, Boris. Hope all is well!

Welcome to the Treehouse!

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