Thanksgiving Survival Kit: Digital Edition

Hansonites love holidays. Really, we do. But all that family togetherness has a way of driving up the stress levels. So this Thanksgiving, we’ve put together a survival kit with our favorite digital tools to help you through the family awkwardness. Here’s how to use it.

  • Warmly accept the in-laws’ invitation to dinner…and tell them you’ll be attending via Skype. “Point the camera to the dark meat, please. Mmm, that looks delicious.”
  • Use Apple maps to get directions to Great Aunt Judy’s house and chances are pretty good that you’ll get lost.
  • Download the just-released Butterball Cookbook Plus app (bringing the “turkey hotline” into the 21st century) so you’re prepared for the inevitable kitchen meltdown.
  • Accidentally leave Pinterest open on your laptop. “So that’s where everyone’s been for the last few hours!”
  • Install this Fake-a-Call app on your phone. “I’d love to hear about your bunions, Grandma, but I’ve really got to take this call.”
  • Wear one of these hats that conceal your iPod and earbuds, and crank up the tunes when the uncles starts bickering over politics. Bonus: your ears will stay warm during the post-dinner pigskin toss.

You’re welcome, and happy Thanksgiving!


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