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Will My App Work in iOS 7?

Apple. iPhone. iOS 7. Can you fit more appropriate tech buzzwords in the first three words of a post? This summer Apple shook up the mobile industry by announcing iOS 7, a “completely” redesigned version of their mobile operating system. Almost immediately our clients were asking: will my app continue to work?

User Experience Toledo Region Event on Sept 12

Back in May, a group of us from Hanson joined other digital user experience experts, organized by our friend Keith Instone and the User Experience Toledo Region, for a great virtual conference led by Rosenfeld Media. Now a new UX event is coming in September, and we have the privilege of hosting the virtual event right here in our offices.

On Mobile Forms and Homer Simpson Fingers

There’s an old episode of The Simpsons where Homer, working from home, tries to call the nuclear plant to warn about a meltdown. As he dials, he hears the following recording: “The fingers you have used to dial are too fat. To obtain a special dialing wand, please mash the keypad with your palm now.”

4 Questions for Planning a Mobile Site

Back in January, I wrote about how a bad mobile experience leads to a bad brand experience. I urged you, if you hadn’t already, to make 2013 the year your business goes mobile. If you’ve taken that resolution to heart, you might be wondering: how do I get there? Here are four questions to ask yourself when planning a mobile site.

Tips for Developing a Successful Mobile App

Seems there’s an app for everything. And why not? Mobile apps are a fun way to keep your brand in front of customers, and when done right, they make people’s lives easier. If you’re considering developing a new mobile app, here are a few tips from our app development team to make it successful…

Beyond “HTML5,” Part 3: The Future of the Open Web

So far in this blog series we’ve explored the meaning of “HTML5” and the road to the Open Web, and we’ve reviewed Open Web technologies supported by today’s browsers. Now it’s time to look at some exciting Open Web features that will shape the web of tomorrow, and their current alternatives…

SlideShare: What is Responsive Design?

Think about how you typically consume information on the internet. PC? Tablet? Smartphone? TV?

Internet consumption is an essential part of our everyday life. But the devices we use to consume this content are multiplying and changing at a rapid pace. And these devices differ in screen size, resolution, and interface, to mention just a few variations. To give users access to this content via a variety of devices, we have to start making websites more flexible or responsive. By changing how we think about website design, we can maximize our audiences without having to rethink the wheel for every individual device. Our slideshare shows you how…