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What We Know Now: Connie Calmes

We’re always eager to learn something new here at Hanson, which is why one of our core values is “stay curious.” Because of this mantra, we’ve held an ongoing series talking to fellow Hansonites about the words of wisdom they might today give to their past selves. Today we’re talking to Senior Account Manager Connie Calmes.

Exploring an Empty TMA

Late last year, Visual Designer Ben Morales was among a handful of the region’s top mobile photographers to be invited to participate in The Toledo Museum of Art’s Exploring an #emptyTMA event, an opportunity to explore this world-class museum on a day that it was closed to the public. All of us at Hanson thought this was pretty cool because not only is the museum one of our client partners, but Ben is a very talented photographer. I recently talked to Ben about what he got out of this exclusive experience.

Apple Stats for Hanson Apps, Q3 2014

As you may or may not know, we’ve been tracking the usage of all the iOS apps we develop in house to complement the information Apple shares with developers. We report these numbers every quarter to help clients make informed decisions about the apps they’re planning, and to contribute to the conversations happening in the development community. Our Q3 2014 stats are now in.

Android Stats for Hanson Apps, Q3 2014

Have you been wondering what the latest Android trends are? We’re back with our quarterly statistics as we continue to develop new apps and test the latest devices. Here’s a comparison of Android devices used to access Hanson-developed apps during Q2 and Q3 of 2014. Of the 114 devices we’ve logged (of thousands on the market), Samsung is still in the lead.

What We Know Now: Amy Shrewsbery

If you were to look back on the start of your career, what words of wisdom you would give to your future self? Since one of Hanson’s core values is “stay curious,” we’ve been asking ourselves that same question. We invited a few Hansonites to reflect back to the start of their careers and reveal some lessons learned, including Video Production Specialist Ben Eddings, Account Director Sue Woten-Schultz, and Connection Strategist Chris Kujawski. Today our conversation is with Amy Shrewsbery, Senior Account Manager.

Celebrating 2014 WebAward Winning Client Partners

Individual achievement behind the creation of today’s top websites is important to be recognized. That’s what the Web Marketing Association believes, founded in 1997 to help “set a high standard for internet marketing and web development.” Each year, the Web Marketing Association produces the WebAwards, the longest running annual competition in which sites are awarded for overall excellence in web development. For the 2014 WebAwards, Hanson is delighted to announce that two of our own client partners are among the winners.