The Treehouse


Exploring the New Frontier of Front-End Development

Last week it was our pleasure to host another meeting of the Toledo Web Professionals. Over 25 members of the local web development community joined us April 9 in the Hanson Treehouse for pizza and a presentation by our Director of Front-End Development, Dave Rodriguez, on “Front-End Development: IN SPAAAAAACE!”

School’s in Session: Keeping up with Digital

How do you keep up with the Joneses in the digital age? As a new intern at Hanson and a college student, every day I learn something new. However, you can’t stay in college forever, so once you’re on the job you have to find other ways to keep learning. This is especially crucial for those with jobs in the digital world because technology is constantly changing. I interviewed several of my colleagues to find out how Hanson employees stay sharp.

YuleTithe App Users Pledged $3K to Charity

When the Hanson team set out to create our 2013 holiday card, we wanted to do something that reflects what we do best and what matters to us most. The result was YuleTithe, a responsively designed web app that anyone could use to spread holiday cheer to the people, and causes, they care about. Here’s how it worked.

Giving Thanks at Hanson

In a creative, collaborative environment like Hanson (watch our culture video to experience it for yourself), you have to like the people you work with. That means lots of teasing, lots of laughing, and of course, lots of eating. So it’s not surprising that in a quick office poll about what we’re thankful for, people and snacks pop up often. Here are a few things Hansonites are grateful for this year.