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What We Know Now: Amy Shrewsbery

If you were to look back on the start of your career, what words of wisdom you would give to your future self? Since one of Hanson’s core values is “stay curious,” we’ve been asking ourselves that same question. We invited a few Hansonites to reflect back to the start of their careers and reveal some lessons learned, including Video Production Specialist Ben Eddings, Account Director Sue Woten-Schultz, and Connection Strategist Chris Kujawski. Today our conversation is with Amy Shrewsbery, Senior Account Manager.

To Be Competitive, Know Your Why

A few weeks ago we hosted a Google Partners Connect event that featured a live webcast of some of Google’s leading experts. One of the speakers pointed out that whether you’re a small business or a huge corporation, the key to being competitive in search and sales boils down to knowing the answers to three questions.

Tools for Writing Great Social Content

Most community managers and social content pros will admit that writing fresh and remarkable content week in and week out can be hard. Very hard. Not only does the content need to be strategic, it has to strike the right balance of length, engagement, branded but not too branded, shareable, actionable, conversational…did I leave anything out? Oh yeah…and legal, it has to get by legal, too.

How “Digital” is Each Generation?

Our primary focus at Hanson is user-centered design, and we’re always looking to deeply understand the very specific users and their needs before creating any brand experience. But it’s also useful periodically to take a look at broad audiences in general, and consider how their social characteristics and attitudes might shape their relationship to technology.

What I Learned Interning at a Digital Agency

Move from Alabama to Ohio for an internship? Yes, it was an opportunity of a lifetime that I was determined to build on. In 2011, I transferred to the University of Toledo and became a Hansonite to learn the digital landscape. Following my internship, Hanson offered me an opportunity to become a part-time strategy coordinator while finishing school, and I jumped at the chance. And now, post graduation, I’ve joined the Hanson team full-time as an account manager. I’ve learned so much since I first arrived.

Why Niche Social Networks are Good for Business

The social web is huge, and it isn’t going away. But as social media fatigue sets in, a growing trend is emerging: some users are abandoning their larger networks in favor of smaller, interest-based social networks. Here’s why the rise of niche networks makes sense—and why they’re good for business.

5 Reasons Your PPC Campaigns Are Failing (and How to Improve Them)

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising has become a large part of corporate online media spending because it helps brands get more visibility in search engines than organic searches alone can provide. But some campaigns run into trouble due to lack of research and focus. Here are 5 reasons campaigns fail and what you can do to start improving them now…