It’s time for another update of user insights from Hanson-developed iOS apps. If you’ve missed our previous reports, look up our first quarter stats and our second quarter stats. As you browse the latest numbers, keep in mind that this last quarter saw the launch of a new iPhone and iOS 7.

Here’s how the devices used this quarter compare to those from last quarter:

 graph showing the iOS device breakout across all Hanson developed apps as of November 2013

And here’s how the current versions of iOS compare to what we saw last time (note the incredibly fast adoption of iOS 7!):

graph showing the iOS version breakout across all Hanson developed apps as of November 2013

We share these numbers every quarter to provide insights to anyone building a new app or updating an existing one. (Working on an Android app? We’ve got recent stats for that, too.) Let us know if you’ve found them helpful, or are interested in comparing your own stats.

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