A few months ago, we launched our first quarterly report on iOS statistics for apps we’ve developed. Now as we approach the release of the new iPhone and iOS 7, let’s take a look at current iOS version installations and devices across Hanson-managed properties, compared to last quarter.

iOS device stats for Hanson developed apps May - July 2013

Note that since we released last quarter’s report, we launched an iPad-specific app for a major brand, which explains the leap in those device numbers.

iOS version stats for Hanson developed apps May - July 2013

We’ll be sure to check in again after the release of iOS 7 to keep you updated on adoption rates.

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"Welcome to the treehouse,” said CEO Steve Hanson the day we moved into our new headquarters. On an upper floor at the edge of the woods, we now enjoy a view from the trees. We think of this space not as a lofty perch but as a place to gather and seek a broader perspective. The same thing applies to our blog.

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