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Apple Stats for Hanson Apps, Q2 2015

Here at Hanson, we track the usage of all of the iOS apps we develop in house to complement the information Apple shares with developers. It’s been another three months of tracking in 2015, so it’s time to share our Q2 (May through July) stats for Hanson-developed iOS apps.

People Skills For UX 2015 Part 2: Human Interactions Throughout Implementation

As a Sr. User Experience Architect, one of the core lessons I have learned lately is the importance of human interactions throughout implementation—the same care and attention we pay to the end users of our products needs to be applied to the relationships we manage as UX Architects on a daily basis. Let’s dig into this a bit.

People Skills for UX 2015: Negotiation Skills— Making a Case for UX

As a User Experience Architect, I was fortunate to attend the recent People Skills for UX webinar locally sponsored in part by Hanson and hosted by Rosenfeld Media and Environments for Humans. The webinar featured specialists on topics related to improving interpersonal relationships, with user experience leaders then tying those topics into the realm of digital design. One thing that became clear through all of these presentations was how crucial people skills are to advocating for UX.

A Report from WWDC15 and Further Development on the Apple Watch

Here I am again. You would think after writing a post on developing a custom app for the Apple Watch in May that I would have at least six months before our blog editors sent out the dogs for another article. Alas, in June I found myself at Apple’s Word Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), where Apple unveils their developer news for the year, so I’m back already with an update.

De-Mystifying Google Analytics Part 1: Internal Site Search

Most websites utilize some form of internal search that allows users to quickly find what they’re looking for by typing keywords into the search box. But many website owners and marketers don’t realize that this internal search data is available to them through search content reporting in Google Analytics – and that it can go a long way in helping them better serve their users.

Apple Stats for Hanson Apps, Q1 2015

To complement the information Apple shares with developers, we track the usage of all of the iOS apps we develop in house. It’s been another three months of tracking as we’ve entered 2015, so it’s time to share our Q1 (February through April) stats for Hanson-developed iOS apps.

Developing Custom Apple Watch Apps: A Hanson Demo

You already know that the Apple Watch is Apple’s entry into the blossoming smartwatch and wearable category. It works like this: the computer-on-your-wrist has a symbiotic relationship with your iPhone. Health data read from the watch sensors flows to your phone’s activity tracker. Incoming notifications for apps on your phone are routed to your watch, where a click glance removes the need to pull the phone from your pocket.

How do you create custom watch apps that enhance existing iPhone apps? Let’s walk through the process.

What We Know Now: Leslie Mohn

If you’ve been following our ongoing career lessons series, you know that at Hanson we like to take a few minutes from time to time to reflect on what we’re learning and look for opportunities to grow. Today, we’re talking to Director of User Experience Architecture Leslie Mohn.