Steve Dwyer

Connection Strategist
Steve Dwyer
Connection Strategist

Steve Dwyer is a Connection Strategist at Hanson. Formerly the owner of a small digital solutions company, he’s obsessed with marketing, technology, psychology and all things digital. If you want the latest on social media evolution and content marketing, Steve’s your man. An active musician and music producer, he operates a small recording studio, plays in three bands, and regularly has his music licensed for film/TV/web.


Tools for Writing Great Social Content

Most community managers and social content pros will admit that writing fresh and remarkable content week in and week out can be hard. Very hard. Not only does the content need to be strategic, it has to strike the right balance of length, engagement, branded but not too branded, shareable, actionable, conversational…did I leave anything out? Oh yeah…and legal, it has to get by legal, too.

The Changing Face of Facebook Marketing in 2014

Facebook turned 10 years old this month. What is that, like, 70 in social media years? Does that mean Facebook is outdated? Yes. But that doesn’t mean it’s irrelevant.

Why Trade Shows are Great Opportunities for Social Engagement

Trade shows have long served as a breeding ground for innovations and relationships. And while many brands and industries have spent decades perfecting their trade show strategies, social media is a relatively new addition to these strategies. As more companies continue to develop an active social presence, many are realizing that trade shows are great opportunities for social engagement. Here are a few reasons why.

Why Niche Social Networks are Good for Business

The social web is huge, and it isn’t going away. But as social media fatigue sets in, a growing trend is emerging: some users are abandoning their larger networks in favor of smaller, interest-based social networks. Here’s why the rise of niche networks makes sense—and why they’re good for business.

5 Things Your Social Media Team Wants You to Know

Us social media guys are pretty easy-going. We get to assist clients with some of the most fun projects in the agency. And we really hate to be downers and get all Social Media 101 on you. But it’s also our job to educate people about what being social in a digital world really means—because it’s not always as obvious as it seems. So in case you’re wondering what we consider the key principles, here are 5 things you should know about social media…