Jenny Jacob

Jenny Jacob

Chief Operating Officer

About Jenny

“Effective solutions start by understanding a client inside and out.”

Jenny oversees the well-being of all client engagements and is responsible for directing the company’s strategic growth, including key planning issues, operational processes and improvement. She’s also responsible for resource acquisition and allocation—most importantly, helping to secure and nurture the best and brightest talent we can find.

“Effective solutions start by understanding a client inside and out—both how they function as a business, and how they’re perceived by others,” says Jenny. “Then using that knowledge to determine the means, the media and the message. And having the right people in place to execute the plan.”

She began her career as a video producer, joining Hanson in 1994. In her time here, she has managed projects shot on sprawling soundstages and in rural Chinese villages, shown on PBS and MTV. She has overseen a twenty-fold increase in employees, and has been a guiding force in nearly every facet of the company’s steady rise from a tiny video boutique to a thriving digital agency. She has managed new building acquisitions, supported strategic outgrowths into new business ventures, and spearheads the internal initiatives that help the company keep pace with the breakneck speed of change in our own industry and those of our clients.

Jenny graduated from the University of Toledo with a bachelor’s degree in Art History. She shares her office with Hanson’s canine mascot, Pixel.

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